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Fight For 15 Los Angeles

McDonald's Shareholders to Meet Resistance

On welfare and sexually harassed, Fight for $15 Chicago brings fight to the Golden Arches

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May 15, 2017

In the Windy City low wage workers are taking to the streets in what the Fight for $15 Chicago is billing as their largest rally to date.  The rally will march from Daley Square to the flagship McDonald’s location as the low wage worker movement increases their pressure on the hamburger kings.

The rally, which will take place on May 23rd, is targeting the McDonald’s shareholders who will be meeting the next morning at the McDonald’s campus just west of Chicago. According to Fight for $15, McDonald’s has doubled their CEO’s pay to $15 Million and just built a brand new Headquarters in the city, yet it has made no changes to the way that it treats it workers. They will be marching because the employees of the golden arches are still struggling to survive, are sexually harassed and are having their wages stolen. 

These low wages are costing taxpayers billions of dollars in public assistance. While many McDonald’s employees require public assistance to survive, the company is making billions by keeping salaries low. The Fight for $15 says that more than half of the employees are forced to use public assistance to support their families.  This is a common theme among many of the working poor who work two to three jobs and still require the help of government and charitable programs to feed their families. As fast food and other service industry jobs increase, the business model of low pay for the workers, while public assistance covers the rest is a growing problem.  While the employees struggle to live, the CEO and shareholders are getting paid record amounts. The company even got caught advising their employees on how to sign up for these government programs.

McDonald’s knows that people can’t survive on their poverty wages. When they created a page on their website 4 years ago to help their employees with budgeting, it based the family budget on a $15 an hour salary.  Even the company realizes that they pay too little to survive on. The Fight for $15 is mobilizing thousands of employees and their allies to take the streets and pressure the company into respecting their employees and paying them what they are owed.  If you are in Chicago next week, join the rally in Daly Square.  You can find out more information about the rally here.

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