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Moving closer to a strike

CWA members at AT&T report that they are one step closer to a strike

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May 04, 2017

AT&T wireless workers have been fighting for months for a fair contract that protects good, family-supporting jobs, but the company refuses to negotiate fairly. On Friday, AT&T wireless workers issued their 72-hour notice to end their contract extension—making a strike more likely than ever before for 21,000 wireless workers across 36 states and DC. CWA now has the option to call a strike at any time.

On Friday, CWAers from across the country descended on the AT&T annual shareholder meeting in Dallas, TX. Members rallied outside to demand a fair contract. Inside, they delivered petition signatures from 67,000 AT&T customers and community members demanding good jobs at AT&T. The petition signatures were later found abandoned on a table.

“We came to Dallas today to send a message to AT&T: we’re sick and tired of being taken advantage of and we’re ready to do something about it,” said Cheryce Chambers, a retail worker and CWA Local 1101 member from the Bronx, New York. “Striking is never easy, but we mean it when we say we’ll do whatever it takes for a fair contract that keeps our jobs at home, provides for our families, and protects the promise to provide high-quality customer service.”

“We have given AT&T every opportunity to show their commitment to finding common ground and a fair contract and, quite frankly, have been very patient about it. But time is running out for AT&T to stop undermining good jobs, quality customer service and its long-term success,” said Dennis Trainor, Vice President of CWA District 1. “AT&T thinks they can play by their own rules, but 21,000 wireless workers are ready to show them what happens when you bet against American workers. The pieces are all in place now, and we’ll strike if necessary, but the larger question still remains: will AT&T finally do right by their wireless workers?”

Members continue to ramp up mobilization efforts across the country. Stay in the loop on Facebook and Twitter.


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