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No Foxconn Factory

As part of his long con Trump once again fails to deliver must needed jobs in Wisconsin

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Jan 30, 2019

For two years, Trump has touted the deal to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin. Working with former House Speaker Paul Ryan and Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the state gave a record amount of tax incentives for the Chinese company to build a manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. Trump hailed it as the re-emergence of the American factory.

"The construction of this facility represents the return of LCD electronics and electronic manufacturing to the United States, the country that we love," Trump said at the time. "That's where we want our jobs. To make such an incredible investment, Chairman Gou put his faith and confidence in the future of the American economy -- in other words if I didn't get elected he definitely would not be."

However, the reality has been far from what Trump and Walker predicted. UCOMM previously reported that Foxconn had failed to meet their 2018 hiring goals. Then today, the company announced that they are likely to not build a factory in the United States anymore. A top executive from the company told Reuters that they feel like they can’t compete in a global market by making flat screens in the United States.

The decision to not build a factory will have dire consequences for the area. The plan would have created 13,000 jobs. Now the plan is to create a research hub in the area. Reports say that this would employ only about 1,000 people and most of those jobs would go to white collar, college educated employees instead of the blue collar jobs that are so desperately needed in the area.  Louis Woo, a special assistant to Foxconn Chief Executive, Terry Gou, said in an interview that ¾ of the jobs will be knowledge jobs in R&D and design.

It now appears that Foxconn was just another con. Trump and Walker used it to sell their false narrative that manufacturing jobs were coming back to the United States. The reality was that they were either lying or got played.

Foxconn and Wisconsin’s new Governor Tony Evers plan to meet later this year to see if they can salvage the project. However, the company has made it clear that they will walk away from the billions in taxpayer-funded incentives if they believe that they will be unable to meet the state's job creation standards.

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