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Spectrum Scabs Carrying Guns

In NYC, Spectrum brings up Southern strike breakers who are armed, drunk and dangerous

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May 05, 2017

The strike at Spectrum in New York City has now entered its second month as members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3 fight for a fair contract.  In an effort to break the strike, the company has engaged in a number of strike breaking activities including hiring some very unsavory scabs.

Some of the strike breaking tactics that the company have used include spending thousands of dollars to send home personal effects from the striking employees that were left in trucks and lockers, and bringing in scab labor from out of state.  Like in other strikes, this scab labor is underqualified (if qualified at all) and are often screw ups who can’t get real jobs. Like the rats they are, they are drawn to the promise of big paychecks to break the strike. Many are drug addicts, alcoholics, and deadbeat dads, men you would never want in your neighborhood or on your jobsite.

Local 3 members have started to aggregate photos, videos and social media posts of some of these scabs.  One scab was found bragging that he came up from Texas to help break the strike.  The scab, named Ron Getdamoney Shu, says in his Facebook post that he and his "homies are rolling four deep with a license to carry." He goes on to say that they are not here to play.  Spectrum is not only putting customers service at risk, they are putting the actually customers at risk by allowing these armed scabs to go out on service calls.  Below we have included some more posts about scabs screwing up on the job and acting dangerously.

A scab parked his personal vehicle he is using for work in front a fire hydrant.
Scab in Queens couldn't bother to put out his safety cones before he went to lunch
Mr. Shu sent this message via Facebook to a Local 3 member.
Scabs taking a break from work to have a drink in the middle of their shift.

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