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Stand With StoryCorps Employees

Take part in the #standwithstorycorps action today by telling your labor story

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Sep 05, 2018

StoryCorps workers need your help! In 2017, StoryCorps workers came together to form a union. After a long fight, we voted to join CWA Local 1180 in September 2017.

Now, we are nearing our 11th month of bargaining, and management is still holding out on making meaningful proposals on wages, healthcare costs, and retirement.

This has gone on long enough. Today, we’re asking you to join our #StandWithStoryCorps Day of Action to let StoryCorps management know that you support us in our fight for a fair contract.

Each day, we work to record and share stories of everyday people. Now, we’ve used those skills to launch a Labor Stories Community page on the StoryCorps App. Click here to listen to some stories from workers like you - and even record one of your own!

Here’s how you can help!

Send an email to founder David Isay and CEO Robin Sparkman telling them to settle a fair contract now.

Join us on Twitter to #StandWithStoryCorps.

Record your own labor story! If you feel inspired once you listen to these other great stories, here are instructions for joining our Labor Stories community on the StoryCorps app.

We at StoryCorps know what a difference it makes to hear and value workers’ stories and voices. Thank you for standing with us!

This post was sent to us by CWA District 1

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