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Steelworkers Strike in Minnesota

The USW members want to stop a two-tiered wage system from being instituted

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Nov 12, 2019

For the past 12 days, Steelworkers at Carley’s Foundry have been on strike. The 220 hourly production and maintenance workers began the strike over unfair labor practices from the company.

According to a release from the United Steelworkers, management is attempting to divide the workforce by instituting a two-tiered wage system for new employees. This would mean that new hires would be paid a lot less than the older workers were when they started with Carley.

“Carley has broken federal labor laws in its drive to force workers to accept its unfair and unnecessarily concessionary proposals, and we are standing up to demand the fair contract USW members have earned,” USW District 11 Director Emil Ramirez said. “As one, we will deliver the message to management that our work has dignity and we deserve the company’s respect.”

The union also alleges that Carley has demanded concessions and has sought to undermine the security that the USW brings to the workforce.

“Rather than negotiate in good faith for a fair contract, the company has proposed and demanded concessions that would cost workers money and undermine the security of our union,” said Stacey Anderson, a staff representative for the workers. “Management needs to stop committing unfair labor practices, return to the table to resolve the outstanding issues and end the dispute so that our members can return to the work that they do best.”

Carley provides parts for numerous clients in aerospace, defense, recreational vehicles, and medical fields. Ramirez said that USW members rank among the most productive and efficient in the manufacturing world and urged Carley to reward that work and loyalty with secure jobs, benefits, and earnings.


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