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The Super Uber Bowl

9,000 low wage Uber Drivers plan a protest of wage cuts in San Fran to disrupt Super Bowl 50

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Feb 05, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. Cam or Peyton? Bud Light or Miller Light? What numbers do you have in your boxes? Having a party? Looking forward to those Super Bowl ads? Well if you are, you will see a few from a jerk car service providor called Uber, and guess what - you may not be seeing the mayhem outside of Levi Stadium in San Francisco where thousands of angry pissed off Uber drivers are expected to protest. 

This past Tuesday, Uber Drivers from San Francisco and Los Angles announced that they would be holding a work action outside of the Super Bowl to protest a 15% cut in fares.  This announcement followed a protest where 1,000 Uber drivers drove by high traffic areas, such as the airport and city hall, honking their horns and yelling out of their cars to protest the fare cut.  The drivers say that with the 15% reduction many are now making less then minimum wage

“We’re telling them we’re going to shut it down for the Super Bowl. We’re shutting it down. We’re shutting the highways down. We’re shutting everything down and we’re not going to allow Uber to keep screwing drivers over,” Mario, who organized the caravan he said consisted of 1,000 drivers, said in a video recorded by RideShare Report’s Mike Dean at the protest.  The drivers can be heard chanting turn it off in reference to Uber drivers turning off their apps and refusing to pick anyone up.  This action has become a staple of Uber drivers’ protests against the fair cut across the country.  On Monday, Uber drivers in NYC turned off their apps before holding a protest outside of Uber's HQ. Now IBEW Local 1430 says that over 30% of Uber drivers at La Guardia Airport want to organize. 

The Super Bowl protest was inspired by news that Uber would be reducing fares further on Super Bowl Sunday from $1.15 a mile to $0.50 a mile to combat surge pricing.  Surge pricing is when many drivers are able to make the most money.  Uber will be the exclusive rideshare app of the Super Bowl, having spent nearly $500,000 to be listed as a sponsor. 

The drivers say that they expect up to 9,000 Uber drivers from San Francisco and LA to assemble on the highway leading to Levi Stadium.  Specifically, they plan to congest the area leading to the stadium and around the stadium. 



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