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Trolling the Union Busters

Unions in New York have gotten a hold of the Janus Opt Out organizer's email

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Jul 25, 2018

Since the Janus decision, public employees across the country have been getting emails, door knocks, phone calls and direct mail from billionaire backed groups telling them to opt out of their union. Many local unions informed their members and told them not to respond to these messages, fearing they would then be bombarded with messages from these scabs.

However after a new group, New Choice NY, began emailing teachers in New York, the statewide teachers union, NYSUT, decided to fight back. They have launched a new campaign to email the groups leader Bob Bellafiore and thank him for reminding them of the importance of being in a union. The email reads:

Dear Bob,

I want to thank you, the anti-unionists paying your bills, and Betsy DeVos' friends at organizations like the Mackinac Center for reminding working families of all the reasons we are sticking with our union.

Every email you send to a teacher, firefighter or police officer in New York shows us the lengths you are willing to go to help wealthy special interests undercut working families.

We have a message for you: We knew you were coming, we know who is backing you, and we know what you want.

Strong unions mean higher pay, better benefits and improved working conditions for our members. You know that, which is why you are trying to destroy us.

Knowing this will make signing my re-enrollment card and paying my union dues even more of an honor and a privilege.

I'm sticking with our union!

NYSUT wants to get as many of these emails generated as possible in the next few days, so click here to send your letter to Bob.

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