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Why haven't we learned from the 1980's that trickle down just doesn't work

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Apr 19, 2017

As you can imagine, I am on a bunch of email distribution lists. More than the average bear. The other day I got a silly one from a GOP Congressman asking what I thought about our Federal Tax Code. Let's be honest, the only people who have an intelligent thing to say about that are accountants, CPA's and public policy nerds. The average Joe and Jill just know that they pay taxes, they don't like it, and would always like to pay less. That politically charged email asking folks what they thought about the Federal Tax Code is like asking a fat kid at fat kid camp if they are hungry.

Everyone is concentrating on taxes now because its April. Trump has still not released his taxes and let’s be honest with ourselves – that piece of shit hasn’t paid taxes in decades and his returns will show blood money from Russia. That upcoming scandal is best left to the Washington Post to write up. But what I want to share with y’all is a piece from where the AFL-CIO recommended something that all of us already agree with: Tax reform should increase taxes for wealthy. Thanks guys, nice work. Here’s a quote halfway through the article…

The AFL-CIO isn't the first group to argue that tax reform shouldn't cut taxes for wealthy individuals and corporations. Last week, the liberal Center for American Progress urged lawmakers to reject any bill that cuts taxes for corporations and wealthy people by even $1.

My question is this? Why is the AFL-CIO the only organization in this whacky backward uneducated country of ours the only one’s saying we need to tax the rich? I think we all agree that this should be the first step when administering governments but with the recent white lash and the election of Trump inspired by white fear, we’re just gonna be stupid and let the cokeheads in Wall Street frig everything up again, just like they did in the 80’s.

Make America Great Again. 

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