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"We Will Never Forget Your Greed GM"

Canadian union runs biting commercial against GM during the Super Bowl

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Feb 06, 2019

In November, UCOMM reported that General Motors (GM) would be closing plants in both the United States and Canada. Following the announcement, workers at the Oshawa plant in Ontario walked off the job in protest of the closures. The closing of the plant is expected to impact about 2,500 people.

Unifor, the union that represents the autoworkers, has continued to pressure the company to reconsider the closing of the plant. The union went so far as to buy a 30 second ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

In the ad, Unifor reminds the company that when GM was facing bankruptcy, it was Canadian citizens, not Mexicans who bailed the company out to the tune of $300 per citizen. They go on to say that GM’s move to Mexico is a violation of Canadian values.

The ad ran in spite of a lawsuit filed by GM to silence the union. GM had threatened to sue the union over “misleading claims” around the bailout in 2009. However, the union has said they will continue to run the ad during other high profile events like the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards and during NHL games. They also promised more ads to come unless GM decides to reopen or repurpose the Oshawa plant.

“GM is not going to be able to hire a bunch of high-priced lawyers to push us around,” the Star quoted Unifor national president, Jerry Dias as saying Monday afternoon. “They don’t like the idea we’re talking about the bailout. They took $10.8 billion. Yes, they paid it back, some of it was in stock options, but the facts are when they were in trouble we were there for them and here they are today betraying us.”

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