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Why AT&T Workers May Have to Strike

AT&T has refused to invest their $20 Billion tax cut in their workforce, instead laying off thousands

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Aug 03, 2018

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made a promise to invest in his workforce and create at least 7,000 jobs if the tax bill passed. Well, the bill passed and AT&T laid off over a thousand workers after it received a $20 billion tax cut windfall.

It’s clear that CEO Stephenson hasn’t followed through on his promise to invest in working people. Now, even more money is going straight to the richest Americans while working people struggle to get by with less.

Union workers at AT&T are fighting back to demand the company give them their fair share and invest in good jobs. Click here to sign the petition to stand with them in their fight.

Communications Workers of America members at AT&T Midwest and AT&T’s national Legacy T division are at the bargaining table with AT&T right now and are willing to do whatever it takes to secure a deal that guarantees good jobs, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement. They may even strike soon if they have to.

This fight is bigger than AT&T. It’s about making sure working people can make a decent living in this country. Please sign the petition to stand with working people at AT&T fighting for good jobs.

This story was written by the NYS AFL-CIO


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