by Brian Young | on Apr 16, 2019

Becky Friedrichs' Book is Stupid

Before there was Mark Janus, Rebecca Friedrichs was the face of the anti-union movement. A teacher from California, she challenged fair share fees in a case that made it to the Supreme Court in 2016...

by Guest Post | on Apr 15, 2019

Why We Shouldn't Patronize Uber

As Uber filed its long-awaited IPO with the SEC on Tuesday, April 11, more than a thousand San Francisco city workers and gig workers protested outside the company's headquarters. The protest...

by Guest Post | on Apr 12, 2019

CWA Supports Reinstating Glass-Steagall

This week, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) introduced the Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2019, This legislation, supported by CWA, would reinstate and expand the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, a bill...

by AFL-CIO | on Apr 11, 2019

New England Grocery Store Workers Go on Strike

31,000 workers at Stop & Shop supermarkets across Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have gone on strike.

by Guest Post | on Mar 22, 2019

Silicon Valley Labor Shortage: Is it BS or Greed

Since the first of the year, some contractor and building industry associations have peddled a story around the state that California has fallen into the ravages of a construction labor shortage....

by birchy82 | on Mar 22, 2019

Amazon Fires Employee for Union Organizing

The New York Times is reporting that Amazon is doing everything they can to stop a union at the Staten Island NY warehouse, including firing pro-union employees.

by Press and Media | on Mar 20, 2019

Southwest Airlines Reaches Contract with Mechanics

After weeks of fighting and lawsuits Southwest Airlines and the union representing their mechanics have reached a contract agreement. Find out more about the deal from the AP.

by Press and Media | on Mar 07, 2019

Nurses in New York Threaten to Strike

Nurses at three of the biggest hopsitals in New York City have voted to strike unlessthe hospitals take action to stop the understaffing problem that is putting patients at risk. Find out more by...

by Brian Young | on Mar 06, 2019

Massive Problems at Southwest Airlines

I asked UCOMM’s Brian Young to do some research and write this piece up to give you the story behind the story about what is really happening at Southwest Airlines. Like me, you may personally...

by Brian Young | on Mar 05, 2019

College Professor Sues for Union Back Dues

Nearly a year after the Janus case was heard by the Supreme Court, anti-union forces are continuing to try and destroy public sector unions. After membership numbers held strong in the immediate...