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by Guest Post | on May 22, 2020

Save the News

by Guest Post | on Apr 24, 2020

Honoring Those Who Died

by Guest Post | on May 18, 2018

CWA Authorizes Strike Against AT&T

This week, CWA filed unfair labor practice (ULP) charges against AT&T and NABET-CWA employer Nexstar Media Group for refusing to provide information about each company's plan to use its...

by Guest Post | on Mar 27, 2018

3 Week Frontier Strike Over

After three weeks on strike, 1,400 members of the Communications Workers of America will return to work by Wednesday after reaching a contract agreement with Frontier Communications that protects...

by Guest Post | on Mar 16, 2018

CWA President Tells Democrats to Focus on Core Labor Issues

CWA President Chris Shelton spoke at the Congressional Progressive Caucus Summit in Baltimore, telling attendees that Democrats can win by focusing on raising wages, stopping the offshoring of U.S...

by Brian Young | on Mar 09, 2018

Frontier Scab Pulls Gun on Striking CWA Members

Scabs, or the replacement workers who are hired to take striking union members jobs, are the lowest of the low. UCOMM readers have all heard about the scabs that threatened Local 3 members lives at...

by Brian Young | on Mar 05, 2018

Strikes Across the Nation

There is something in the air. Maybe workers are inspired by IBEW Local 3 Spectrum Workers nearly one year strike and West Virginia teachers two-week strike, maybe it's just getting warmer out,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 02, 2018

Using Skype to Engage Distant Members

Technology has helped to democratize many different industries. Now anyone with a cellphone can be a journalist. Twitter has helped spark revolutions all over the world and Skype is helping some...

by Guest Post | on Mar 01, 2018

Frontier Communications Workers Prepared to Strike if Necessary

Citing concerns about layoffs and the use of contractors that has resulted in job loss and reduced service quality, representatives of Frontier Communications workers throughout West Virginia and in...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 13, 2018

Organizing Victories in Wisconsin, Idaho and New York

Over the last week, three big organizing victories were announced. One was a first that could shake up the political system while another brought 80 new members into the union movement.  

by Brian Young | on Jan 24, 2018

Union Victories: LA Times, Slate, SEIU, and Lambda Legal

Building off of the news that union membership held steady in 2017, the new year has already kicked off with some big union victories at well-known workplaces across the country. Union votes were...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 04, 2018

UCOMM 2017 YEYB in Photos

2017 was a busy year for UCOMM and our clients. From winning organizing elections, defeating Con-Con and welcoming new leaders, the year was full of victories. Since there were so many great stories...