News From: Donald Trump

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 04, 2018

Is Facebook Good for the World?

In our sadly unpopular Cambridge Analytica series, we mentioned in part 3 that I was personally asked to participate in a survey that simply asked is “Facebook good for the world?”...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 04, 2018

Alacantra Bill trumps Trump's Janus

While New York may not be able to stop the Janus case, they are taking steps to lessen the impact on local unions. As part of the recent New York State budget, the state passed a number of reforms...

by Brian Young | on Mar 26, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Part IV: Regulating the Regulators

Over the last three days, UCOMM has been looking at how Cambridge Analytica (CA) used a Russian scientist to mine data on 50 million Americans. They then used this data to create emotional profiles...

by Brian Young | on Mar 23, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Part III: What this means for the Union Movement

Over the last two days, we have explained what Cambridge Analytica (CA) is and what they did to gain, possibly illegally, data from 50 Million Facebook users. Over the course of 2014-2016, CA...

by Brian Young | on Mar 22, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Part II: How They Did It

In Part I of our four-part series UCOMM looked at what happened with an overview of the story, today we will look at how they got this information, how they used it, and who was funding their evil...

by Brian Young | on Mar 21, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Part I: What Really Happened

The social media world has been in a panic over the last week after it came to light that 50 million people’s Facebook data was sold to the Trump campaign to use during the 2016 election. Since...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 08, 2018

Senate Dems Propose Creating 15 Million Infrastructure Jobs

After Trump released his much-maligned infrastructure plan, that failed to provide the needed resources to meet the United States infrastructure needs, Senate Democrats have now released their vision...

by Brian Young | on Feb 20, 2018

UCOMM Explains Deficit Spending

Last week, UCOMM reported on Trump’s proposed budget that increases spending for infrastructure while making cuts to the federal workforce. All together, Trump’s proposed budget would...

by Brian Young | on Feb 15, 2018

Donald’s Double Standard: Only 1 American hired in 2017

During the 2016 election, Trump spent much of the time on the campaign trail promising an “America First” policy that would bring jobs back to the United States. He even used his large...

by Brian Young | on Feb 14, 2018

Trump: Fire ‘em and Freeze their Wages

This week, Trump released his budget for 2019. On Monday we took a look at the $200 Billion infrastructure plan that seeks to privatize many of our roads and bridges.