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News From: Donald Trump

by Press and Media | on Mar 28, 2016

Not Chicago 1968, but Berlin 1932

This article first appeared in The Atlantic by Robert J. S. RossThe cautionary tale now engaging progressive, Democratic forces in the face of a probable Donald Trump presidential nomination has been...

by Brian Young | on Mar 16, 2016

Public Enemy No. 1

During a political campaign, candidates are often MIA from their day jobs.  When you are the sitting Governor of a state these stories usually get amplified.  You have to make tough choices...

by AFL-CIO | on Mar 10, 2016

AFL-CIO takes on Trump

While campaigning in South Carolina, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked about “right to work.” His response? “I like right to work. My position on right to...

by Brian Young | on Feb 24, 2016

WTF is he proud of

After Tuesday, February 23rd’s Nevada Caucus, Donald Trump is now the front runner to win the Republican nomination for President.  With 45.9% of the vote Trump won his biggest victory to...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 23, 2016

Trump’s lobbyist attacks Union Building Trades

A little over a week ago, UCOMM Blog covered NYS AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento’s response to an anti-union letter from lobbyist Brad Gertsman blaming the NYC Building Trades Council for the...

by Brian Young | on Feb 10, 2016

The New Hampshire Zoo

The results are in and sadly hate, intolerance and bigotry won on the Republican side. Circus clown Donald Trump came out big, mobilizing racist and stupid people to the polls to earn 35% of the GOP...