News From: FDNY

by Brian Young | on Jun 25, 2015

Choosing Sides: Wages in Trouble in NYC

According to the NY Daily News, Mayor De Blasio was offered the ability to raise the minimum wage for all workers in NYC, but turned it down.  As part of a deal offfered to him by the Senate...

by Daniel Hinton | on Jun 07, 2015

Hey Bill, Fighting Fires Is Dangerous

Below is a statement from the Uniformed Firefighters Association on Mayor De Blasio's revised plan for Firefighter and Police disability payments:“On June 4th, the UFA met with the mayor...

by Brian Young | on Apr 03, 2015

2 Classes of Firefighters?

NY's Bravest Reject FDNY's NEW Discriminatory Employment PracticesAs City Hall Pushes for $13/HR. Minimum Wage - It Believes Permanently Disabled N.Y. City Firefighters Surviving on Just $10,...