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News From: Fight for 15

by Kris LaGrange | on Oct 02, 2018

$15 Minimum Wage at Amazon

One of the largest and fastest growing companies in the world is increasing their minimum wage. This comes after workers began complaining about the low wages that were being paid by the richest man...

by Brian Young | on Jul 27, 2018

40% Raises for Disneyland Castmembers

Employees at the happiest place on Earth have a reason to smile today. That’s because Disneyland and their union, Master Services Council, have come to terms on a contract that will provide...

by Brian Young | on Sep 26, 2017

Retail Adjusting to the Market

Over the last few years, the Fight for $15 campaign has fought for low-wage workers to get a raise. While some states like New York and California are on track to increase their minimum wages to $15/...

by Kate Hogan | on Aug 29, 2017

A $400 a Month Pay Cut

St. Louis’ minimum wage has reverted back to $7.70, only three months after raising to $10, due to a new state law passed by Republicans in the state legislature and signed by Missouri Governor...

by Press and Media | on May 24, 2017

McDonalds: The Donald Trump of Corporations

Yesterday thousands of low wage workers and their allies took to the streets of the Windy City to let McDonalds and their shareholders know that there needs to be changes at the golden arches. ...

by Press and Media | on May 16, 2017

The Missouri Legislature Sucks

Missouri state lawmakers take away a St. Louis minimum wage increase, literally taking money out of people’s pockets.

by Brian Young | on May 15, 2017

McDonald's Shareholders to Meet Resistance

In the Windy City low wage workers are taking to the streets in what the Fight for $15 Chicago is billing as their largest rally to date.  The rally will march from Daley Square to the flagship...

by Press and Media | on Dec 21, 2016

2016: The Year of the Increased Wage

A roundup from the National Employment Law Project (NELP) shows that 21 states, cities and counties approved minimum wage increases in 2016. That includes seven states - Arizona, California, Colorado...

by Brian Young | on Dec 16, 2016

Another Fight for $15 Victory

Airport workers at New York City’s three largest airports, JFK, LaGuardia and Newark have won recognition for their union as well as a raise to $15 an hour.The 8,000 subcontracted workers mark...

Dozens Arrested in US Minimum Wage Protests
by Kris LaGrange | on Nov 29, 2016

The Fight for $15 Strikes Again

Through the rain in New York, thousands of fast food, airport workers, Uber drivers, messengers and more, held a one day strike to call for higher wages and the right to organize a union. The...