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by Brian Young | on Jun 29, 2018

Trump Group Telling Teachers to Opt-Out of Their Union

Only days after the Supreme Court issued their flawed ruling in the Janus v AFSCME case, billionaire-backed groups are already contacting public sector union members and telling them to opt out of...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 27, 2018

The Enemy Behind Janus and their Tactics

The Janus v AFSCME case is expected to be decided in June, and with just a few weeks left, groups like The Freedom Foundation are beginning to talk to union members about their ability to opt out of...

by Brian Young | on Jan 17, 2018

The Freedom Foundation is Coming for Your Members

A meeting of the minds took place this week between labor leaders representing almost all major industries, including but not limited to education, law enforcement, construction trades, and every job...