News From: GM

by Ashley Blom | on Jan 07, 2019

How the White House is Destroying America

The Trump Administration just keeps making more enemies and poor decisions. From factory growth slowing down, to the EPA, all the way to GM being sued, Trump’s policies are bad for business,...

by Brian Young | on Nov 27, 2018

Trump's Tariffs Fast Tracking GM Plant Closures

In another sign of companies preparing for an economic downturn, General Motors (GM) has announced massive layoffs to both their union and salaried workers.

by Brian Young | on Feb 07, 2018

GM Bargained-for Bonuses Paid, Talks Restart at Disney and UFCW Gets Contract

While much of the focus at UCOMM over the last few weeks has been informing our readers about the Janus v. AFSCME case and about Trump’s continued attacks on workers, there is other news from...

by Press and Media | on Feb 13, 2017

Made in Mexico

When you buy your next car, you may think that it is made in the USA because it comes from one of the big three automakers.  You may think that since there is nothing more American than a pickup...

by Brian Young | on Feb 17, 2016

A check for 11k is in the mail!

After last year’s contentious negotiations with the Big Three auto makers, United Auto Worker’s members are starting to see the benefits.  At the end of February, GM workers will...