Remember when that Wal-Mart Worker died?

Kris LaGrange's picture
Nov 11, 2011

It wasn't too long ago - but back in 2008 the dingbats in Valley Stream trampled 34 year old Jdimytai Damour to death at 5 am on Black Friday just so they could get their hands on the latest consumer trend produced by exploited Chinese child labor. The Damour family will not be spending Thanksgiving with Jdimytai this year, or ever again for that matter. Wal-Mart sucks and so do its loyal shoppers. Never forget what happened on Black Friday in 2008 and UCOMM Radio asks you to try something different this Black Friday. Go to Wall Street and occupy it. Call it your Damour Trip and tell your fellow occupiers what happened back in 2008. Bring a blanket and be comported in knowing that your not spending your hard earned money on crap that will make the 1% even richer. Suck it Wal-Mart!


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