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AFL-CIO: A Skilled Girlforce

America's Unions are putting pressure on Trump's EEOC to collect Equal Pay Data

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by AFL-CIO on
Oct 12, 2018

AFL-CIO: The International Day of the Girl was created in 2012, and this year’s theme centers on creating “A Skilled GirlForce.” Here are three of our key strategies to achieve this:

Apprenticeships and Training Programs: The AFL-CIO and our affiliates offer apprenticeship and training programs to help all workers gain the skills we need to achieve our full potential. Also, a report by the AFL-CIO Working for America Institute and the Jobs With Justice Education Fund profiles partnerships that help women and people of color advance in their careers and improve diversity across multiple industries.

The Commission on the Future of Work and Unions: The commission was created by a resolution at the 2017 AFL-CIO Convention and is designed to rethink ways of building bargaining power and ensuring that technology is a tool for broadly shared prosperity. Part of this commission’s charge also includes how to foster greater equity, diversity, and inclusion in the future of work.

A Robust Commitment to Human and Women’s Rights: The AFL-CIO and our affiliates remain fiercely dedicated to demanding dignity and respect for working people around the globe, including ensuring safe and healthy workplacesending discrimination and harassment and fighting wage disparities.

Tell the EEOC: We Need the Equal Pay Data Collection

The Trump administration’s Office of Management and Budget blocked an important Obama-era equal pay initiative that would have required large corporations to report pay data by race and gender to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We can’t end pay discrimination and close wage gaps if employers can hide the fact they are paying women and people of colorless.

Sign the petition urging the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to move forward on developing revised equal pay data collection now. Click here to go to the AFL-CIO website to sign the petition now!

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