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BuyBlue this Monday

Its not a sales gimmick, its a campaign being launched by Labor 411 to get us all to realize that we have both union power and consumer power

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Apr 08, 2016

The US consumer spends $7.5 Trillion dollars a year and one group is asking all of us to spend just 1% of that on goods produced and sold by companies that take care of their American workers.  Labor 411 has announced that they are kicking off their BuyBlue campaign to reward good businesses. Labor 411 is using their BuyBlue campaign to let the larger progressive community know about the value of supporting Union Made and Made in the USA products while rewarding the companies that are doing it right.  In an interview with Cherri Senders, the publisher of Labor 411, she said:

“We are trying to do what the greens did for the environmental movement, harness the progressive movements buying power to support companies that take care of their workers.”

She said that previously, Labor 411 was mostly focused on reaching union membership, but this campaign is their coming out party for people that are more socially conscious.  Over the last few years, especially as millennials have gained spending power, consumers have begun to take a deeper look who they are buying their goods from.  Thanks to Labor 411’s outreach, these people have a guide to help them and socially conscience consumers are taking advantage of it.  Senders said that they are at a point where their Facebook page is adding 1,000 users a week, all users who will now have the information to make more informed purchasing decisions while shopping.

Labor 411 also announced that they will be debuting their new guide to Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention this summer.  Every attendee to the convention will have a Labor 411 guide in their welcome packet! Awesome!  Senders said that she worked through the Democratic National Committee and the Philadelphia Central Labor Council to get this done.  They are hoping to harness the millions of dollars in tourism money to aid businesses that are doing right by their workers.  Senders also noted that unions alone will account for $224 million in official hotel expenses this year.  The need to branch out to more cities is clearly there.

So you can do your part! This Monday, April 11th is the official kick-off date for the #BuyBlue campaign. During the week of April 11-17 make sure you frequent for Union Made in the USA products.  They include 250 union made beers, clothing, toys and food and we hyperlinked a few direct lists below, nice work Labor411 you can count on UCOMM to BuyBlue!

Union Made Cars & Trucks
Union Made Beverages
Union Made Clothing & Apparel
Union Made Toys

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