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The Future of Work in the Digital Age

The AFL-CIO holds a conference to look at how work and unions are changing in the Digital Age

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by AFL-CIO on
May 04, 2018

In Washington, D.C., yesterday, leaders and advocates for working people came together to discuss the future of work. The occasion was the first meeting of the AFL-CIO Commission on the Future of Work and Unions. The commission was created by a resolution at the federation's 2017 convention and is designed to rethink ways of building bargaining power and providing economic security for millions of Americans.


In launching the discussion, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said:

We can’t afford to sit back. No matter how far we’ve come, we can’t act like there isn’t more change ahead. It’s tempting to hang on to yesterday’s victories. We’ve certainly been guilty of resting on our laurels from time to time. But that only weakens our ability to shape what’s coming next. More than ever, it’s time to look squarely forward.

Strong unions must be at the center of the debate. Shaping the future of work...making the economy fairer for our domain.

Below we have provided the livestream.

Click here to see some reactions from the event.

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