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How low are your Union Dues?

Take a look at what union members across the country actually pay in union dues?

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Mar 16, 2017

Union dues are essential to keeping a union strong.  They pay for needed services like training elected union representatives on how to enforce and bargain fair contracts; union dues keep the lights on at the union hall, the phone lines operating and the communications systems in place. While corporate interest want you to beleive that you can't afford to have dues taken out of your paycheck, thanks to those dues, union members make 27% more than their at-will non-union counterparts. Being union is better, plain and simple, and anyone who tells you otherwise is an asshole. 

With Right to Work (for Less) legislation being pushed around the country and nationally, we are preparing for having the union dues conversation with everyone we meet. Freeloading and not paying your union dues is the utlimate goal of Trump, Koch Industries and the National Right to Work Foundation. Wages and Benefits for the average worker are lower in Right to Work states, as is jobsite fatalities, so it's important that our workplaces know that paying a measily $20 a month goes a long way. Take a look below at how different industries structure their union dues.


Dues Amount


MLB Players Association National


Per Day

NFL Players Association National


Per Year

NBA Players Association National


Per Year

Plumbers Local 24 West Cadwell NJ

$15-$29 Plus 2-4% of Gross Earnings

Per Month

SAG-AFTRA National

$206.00 plus 1.575% of earnings

Per Year

RWDSU-UFCW Local 110 Cedar Rapids, IA


Per Month

IBEW Local 3 NYC


Per Month



Per Month

Laborers Local 89 San Diego, CA

$34 plus $1.84 per hour

Per Month

RWDSU Local 1102 Long Island, NY


Per Month

United Federation of Teachers NYC





Per Month

Portland Teachers Portland Oregon


Per Month


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