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JFK Airtrain Negotiations Coming Soon

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Jan 07, 2015

At the forefront for our JFK members in 2015 will be the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement on February 29, 2015. Negotiations will begin at the end of the month. We encourage all to get involved and give us your ideas regarding how we can make the contract better.

Constant turnover at the Director position has also caused problems at the site. I hope that new Site Director Lisa Banks remains at her new position. Our Union worked with Ms. Banks at Newark. I can assure all of you her presence there is missed. Although we did not always see eye to eye, we were able to work together and correct many issues, some of which returned after she left. I am looking forward to working with Lisa again in her new capacity at JFK. 

The lack of volunteers for union representative positions within the ATA and ATO ranks continues to be an issue. These positions are critical and need to be filled. If anyone is interested please notify us. Get involved.

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