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Phil Murphy

New Jersey Saves Clean Nuke Jobs

After a 9 month long battle, IBEW Local 94 gets Governor Murphy to do the right thing

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May 23, 2018
Today, Governor Phil Murphy signed the nuclear subsidy bill into law. This ends a long 9-month fight to save our 3 nuclear power plants. By signing this bill, the Governor is saving 750 Local 94 members' jobs. Additionally, the bill will keep an estimated 5,800 people employed in the poorest county in the state.
Today's bill signing took place at an expansive solar farm that is built and maintained by union members. The Governor has pledged to convert 50% of New Jersey's energy to renewable sources by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Today's bill signing of the nuclear subsidy bill and a solar bill show that he understands that it is impossible to reach this goal without nuclear power.  We were joined at the bill signing by the head of the Assembly Labor Committee Joe Eagan, who is also the Business Manager of IBEW 456, environmentalists, and the President of BPU.
I want to give a special thanks to Senate President Steve Sweeney. He was the prime sponsor of the bill and stuck with us throughout the long fight. Senator Sweeney, who is a union ironworker, represents Salem County and knew that the loss of these plants would adversely hurt the community. He stuck with us through all of the roadblocks, helping to usher it through the Senate. He stood with us when the new Governor ordered a new bill that provided incentives for other types of renewables and made sure that the bill passed and was signed. Up until Governor Murphy signed the bill, he was getting calls to pressure him to not sign it, but leaders like Senator Sweeney kept the pressure on him and ensured a fair bill that will save thousands of jobs and put our state on the right path towards the Governor's Clean Energy Agenda.

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