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With non-union wages, you gotta start somewhere

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Feb 15, 2015

Check out this article about unionization in the Shoreline Times.  While newly organized union jobs are low wage, so where the auto worker jobs 100 years ago. That doesn't mean auto workers where wrong to organize, they just needed to fight for what they immediatly needed and deserved at the time and they worked on making improvements over the years.  Enforcing existing Federal Labor Laws that give workers protections while organizing their union at a low wage shop places all workers in a better position to fight for higher wages, worksite safety and job protections.  Many outspoken low wage workers who start talking union get fired, and few end up getting their jobs back.  As the Shoreline Times article states, we are seeing a large drop in the wages of men as their industries become less unionized.  If we want to keep a strong middle class we need to fight for more union jobs.

A recent article in Long Island's Newsday boasted that despite job gains, wages remain in decline. One key factor is that job seekers give companies the upper hand in setting the wages. Many of us in the union activist movement know why this is the case and don't need 3,000 words to explain it to us. But articles like these are important to circulate because the proof is in the pudding - without a collective barganing agreement, we are simply just wage slaves.


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