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Petition to Germany

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Jul 20, 2015

Workers at T-Mobile are facing harassment, intimidation and fear as they are seeing their basic workplace freedoms stripped away.  T-Mobile wireless workers are not organized and as a result they are being persecuted for standing up for their basic rights.  Now the Communications Workers of America are standing up for these workers to not only protect them, but to protect the entire wireless industry.  T-Mobile workers who tried to unionize where put under surveillance, harassed and bullied according to the CWA. 

The Communication Workers of America are asking for your help in pressuring the German- Owned Deutsche Telekom, which owns a majority share in T-Mobile, by signing a petition that will be sent to the German Bundestag. This petition drive was started by ver.di, a German union that has been pushing the German government to look into union-busting tactics in both Germany and abroad. Both the Communications Workers of America and ver.di have been working for a number of years to pressure the company to stop its union busting tactics. In 2012, ver.di leader, Lothar Schröder, made a presentation to the Deutsche Telekom board of directors about T-Mobile in which he stated that managers often push their employees to use dishonest sales tactics, make unauthorized charges after the sale, wear dunce caps for failing to meet unreasonable sales goals, and to write essays about their failures at work.  After this presentation, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile both failed to make noticeable changes to their business strategy.

The petition needs to get 50,000 signatures by August 1st, so that a hearing can be called to look into T-Mobile’s union-busting tactics.  You can download the petition here. All petitions should be sent to:

                                                                         Attn: Louise Novotny
                                                                         501 Third Street, NW
                                                                         Washington, DC 20001

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