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Uber drivers finally get the memo

Organizers proclaim "Stop being a slave, boycott new UBER price cut!"

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Feb 01, 2016

Don’t try getting an Uber car today in NYC as hundreds of Uber drivers have turned off their app to protest Uber’s change in their pricing structure.  According to the Gothamist, Uber drivers panned a rally at noon in front of Uber’s Headquarters. 

The strike comes after Friday’s announcement that Uber would be reducing UberX fares by 15% citywide.  "Uber is running on a nasty planned program to monopolize the market and destroy Via and Lyft and other app companies and the DRIVERS have to pay the price," wrote driver Mounir Badri on Facebook. "Uber completely don't care about you and your living."

This strike comes after taxi drivers protested outside of Uber’s headquarters on Friday.  According to the Taxi Worker’s Alliance, the union representing Yellow cab drivers, "They want to pit drivers against each other, and in this race to the bottom, no driver wins," said Alliance Executive Director Bhairavi Desai in a statement. "It's only Uber that would be looking to increase its profits, and it's doing it at the expense of hard-working people."

"Stop being a slave, boycott new UBER price cut," the organizers wrote on the strikes Facebook page. "Tell your friends, we are organizing strike to return respect and power to drivers... Don't be greedy and take advantage of others who are not working! We are powerful when we are united!!!"  Uber has been the subject of interest by unions like the Teamsters who are looking to protect drivers from these kind of decisions that affect drivers pockets. 


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