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A Union Made Competitor to My Pillow

David Hogg has announced a new pillow company to compete with the Trump loving My Pillow

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Feb 05, 2021

Mike Lindell is the controversial, Trump loving owner of My Pillow. He has spent the last few months promoting lies that the election was stolen from Trump and was even seen entering the White House with notes directing Trump to declare martial law to stay in office. Due to these falsehoods, Twitter removed Lindell and MyPillow from their platform.

His love affair with Trump is also hurting his business. Once known for their late-night cable commercials and the fact that their product was Made in the USA, My Pillow has now become synonymous with support for the conspiracy theory side of the Republican party. He has also now drawn a competitor in the pillow space, David Hogg.

The 20-year-old Hogg is perhaps best known for his tireless advocacy around gun safety. Hogg survived the Parkland school shooting, along with his younger sister, and has become one of the faces of the March for Our Lives campaign. He was also in the news recently when a video of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene ambushing him went viral. Greene has said that the Parkland shooting was a “false flag” and was recently removed from the Education and Labor committee over her previous actions and remarks.

In a series of tweets, Hogg said that he was teaming up with entrepreneur William LeGate to “put MyPillow out of business.” While the idea initially seemed like a joke, Hogg and LeGate confirmed that they were really starting the company saying that he was serious about the business venture and tweeted a list of goals for the company, including using union labor to make the pillows.

“The website will be up in a couple weeks we are very much in the early stages right now,” Hogg said. “But we really are doing this if you have cool name ideas dm me- we think we have one but we are still open.”

LeGate also confirmed his involvement saying the duo already had a pillow manufacturer and confirmed that the pillows will be made by union workers.

However, this manufacturer may have fallen through as Hogg tweeted out later in the evening that they were still in search of a union pillow maker.

The move by Hogg comes as MyPillow is facing significant backlash over Lindell’s actions and comments. Major chains like Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s have dropped MyPillow products in recent weeks.

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