News From: Ibew 10

by Gary Bonker | on Apr 30, 2018

You are Accountable for Your Actions

Whether you work for a multi-national corporation, a power producer, or a Rural Electric Cooperative, as a Union Member of Local 10 IBEW you must remember that you are accountable for your actions.

by Gary Bonker | on Oct 11, 2017

IBEW 10 Member Saves a Life

While on his way to a route on the morning of September 12, 2017, Matt came upon a truck turned over on its top. It was a tractor-trailer carrying compress natural gas. Without regard for his own...

by Gary Bonker | on Sep 15, 2017

Union Membership is not a Spectator Sport

Being a member of a Union is not a spectator sport. Unions were not designed to have its members sit in the stands and talk about the action taking place on the field.  

by Gary Bonker | on Jul 18, 2017

American Electrical Cooperatives

I'd like to make you aware, if not already, of America's Electric Cooperatives. L.U. 10 IBEW services Delaware County Electric Cooperative, Otsego County Electric Cooperative, Oneida-Madison...

by Gary Bonker | on Jun 27, 2017

Understanding the Grievance Procedure

Over the years I have noticed how much confusion there is about grievances and the grievance process at NYSEG with our Local 10 members. Many prefer to make up their own rules about how it should...

by Gary Bonker | on Apr 10, 2017

Being Prepared isn't Doing the Minimum

While you are planning your job at hand and checking the Accident Prevention Manual (APM) or OSHA regulations, please remember that these guidelines are the minimum you are required to do. You can...

by Gary Bonker | on Mar 07, 2017

Working safely and not doing too much

"Perfection it's not magic, but it's the art of doing things over and over and over." Philosopher DJ Kyos. The work we do for utilities can be very unforgiving.  We need...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 03, 2017

Curbing Workplace Rumors

The following is a communication put out by Gary Bonker, the elected Business Manager of IBEW Local 10 based in Binghamton NY. While it is specific to his local, we thought it would be good to share...

by Gary Bonker | on Dec 07, 2016

Bringing Electricity to the Third World

At the 39th IBEW International Convention there were fifty-two Resolutions put to the delegates to be voted upon. In the future I will be discussing some of these resolutions with you.Today, I would...

by Kris LaGrange | on Nov 07, 2016

Campaigning at a new level

Over the last week, millions of dollars have been spent on ads in swing states targeting every interest group, trying to get them to the polls to support Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and many down...