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What You Can Do About Minneapolis

Make a call to demand charges be filed against the officers involved in George Floyd's death

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May 29, 2020

Across Minneapolis, protests have broken out over the death of George Floyd in police custody. The alarming video showed Police Officer Derek Chauvin holding Floyd on the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck. Screams of “I Can’t Breath” rang out as the officer slowly cut short the life of the father of two. In the days since, the video has gone viral and tens of thousands of people in both Minneapolis and cities around the nation have taken to the streets to protest.

On this week’s UCOMM Live, Loretta Van Pelt called in to talk to us about the protest. Van Pelt is a special education teacher in Minneapolis and has been a long-time activist against police brutality. She has been on the frontlines protesting the death of Floyd and calling for the arrest of Chauvin and the other three officers that were involved.

Since this interview, Chauvin has been taken into custody by state authorities and was charged with murder and manslaughter. Protests have also continued throughout Thursday night and into Friday morning, with some becoming violent. Across the city police have fired teargas at protestors and stores and local businesses have been seen being looted and set on fire. On Friday morning, police were seen on live TV arresting a crew from CNN who was broadcasting from the scene.

Protestors are asking supporters to not only take to the streets to protest this killing but they are also asking everyone to pressure local officials to ensure that the officers involved are held accountable. Below is the contact info for the Mayor, Governor, and County Attorney. Please call them and demand justice for George Floyd.

  • Mike Freeman(Hennepin County Attorney) 612-348-5550
  • Mayor Jacob Frey 612-673-2100
  • Governor Tim Walz 651-201-3400

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