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News From: Made in the USA

by Kate Hogan | on Dec 05, 2017

Wilson Footballs: Made in the USA

Each year, millions of fans sit down to watch the Super Bowl. When the camera focuses on the ball right before kickoff, it is focusing on a product that is American made. Every point that has ever...

by Kate Hogan | on Nov 13, 2017

Made in America: Schott NYC

Schott NYC is more than just a jacket-making company. The company has been manufacturing different jackets that have been worn by some of the coolest people of the last century. Marlon Brando, James...

by Kate Hogan | on Oct 09, 2017

Made in the USA: World's Finest Chocolate Bars

How many times has your child come home from school with a box of chocolate and a note saying you had to sell it for a fundraiser? After you end up buying the entire box for them and putting the...

by Kate Hogan | on Oct 04, 2017

Seagram’s: Union Made in the USA

There is nothing better than a cold drink after a long, difficult work week. After giving your job all that you’ve got for five days, you’re ready for one.

by Kate Hogan | on Sep 25, 2017

Five Star: Union Made in the USA

As school swings into full gear, people of all ages are going to need supplies. Children need notebooks, teachers need binders and parents need planners to keep track of it all. When you’re out...

by Kate Hogan | on Aug 15, 2017

Nokona Gloves: Made in the USA

Nothing is more personal to a baseball or softball player than their equipment. Players spend a good amount of time deciding how heavy the bat should be, how tight cleats are, and what shin guards...

by Kate Hogan | on Mar 31, 2017

Your Scout is a Teamster!

They’re America’s favorite cookie, and absolutely everyone has a soft spot for them. As soon as cookie season comes around, I make sure to start saving all of my change so I can buy at...

by Labor 411 | on Dec 05, 2016

Christmas Tools and Whiskey

But for the sake of safety on the job, not at the same time, please. Whether it’s for a DIY project at home or for a career in the trades, someone in the family always wants a cool new tool....

by Press and Media | on Nov 28, 2016

A Trump Lie: Turning Tariffs into Tax Cuts

This article first appeared in Politico's Morning Shift.The air conditioner company Carrier has been in discussions with the incoming Trump administration (including Vice President-elect Mike...

by Brian Young | on Nov 15, 2016

New Balance Sucks

New Balance Shoes are well known as the American Made shoe.  Recently, finding the American made ones have been harder to find as the company has shipped most of their production overseas....