News From: Mayor Bill De Blasio

by Brian Young | on Oct 17, 2017

40 Hour Safety Mandate

With construction deaths on the rise in New York City, Mayor Bill DeBlasio has signed a new bill into law that will drastically increase the amount of safety training a construction worker must have...

by Brian Young | on Apr 15, 2016

PBA brings fight to the streets

The NYC Police Benevolent Association (NYC PBA) is once again making a big splash in their fight with Mayor Bill De Blasio over raises for their members.  The PBA’s new campaign goes after...

by Brian Young | on Jun 25, 2015

Choosing Sides: Wages in Trouble in NYC

According to the NY Daily News, Mayor De Blasio was offered the ability to raise the minimum wage for all workers in NYC, but turned it down.  As part of a deal offfered to him by the Senate...