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by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 28, 2017

Exposing Weakness and Changing Tact

A few years ago I got into a heated argument with a newspaper reporter charged with covering the industry that one of our union clients worked in. When he needed a quote from the workforce, he would...

by Brian Young | on Feb 28, 2017

10 things to watch other than Trump

Tonight Trump will making his first address to a joint session of Congress which will outline all of the evil corporate driven policies that Trump wants to push over the next year.  Since Trump...

by Guest Post | on Feb 16, 2017

The Jackson Project

This article was written by Art Menius and is being reprinted with the Authors permission form The News & Observer. With a brown beard and long hair showing signs of gray, Phil Cohen fits the...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 10, 2017

Union Vote at Telemundo

The National Labor Relations Board recently announced their will be a union representation vote for actors employed by NBC owned Telemundo with 160,000 member strong Screen Actors Guild –...

by Brian Young | on Jan 23, 2017

To Punch or not to Punch

Some of the most successful social movements have come when people stop playing by the rules and put their freedom on the line.  Of course, these tactics are controversial.  These actions...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 20, 2017

Waking People Up

Across the nation, organized labor along with other causes in Trump’s crosshairs joined forces on Inauguration eve, a sort-of sneak peak of what is to come. Protest, picket lines, rallies and...

by Press and Media | on Jan 20, 2017

Civil unrest begins

CNN: Protesters engaged in scattered acts of vandalism and attempted to block off entry points to Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday in Washington, D.C. At one checkpoint, about 50 protesters...

by Guest Post | on Dec 20, 2016

The Danger of Fake News

This column first appeared in LIBN.I started thinking about this quite some time ago but it really took on a much larger portion of my frontal cortex during and since the Presidential campaign and...

The Morning After | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS
by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 15, 2016

Samantha Bee our only voice

As President Barack Obama’s last weeks in office come to an end and a new administration enters the White House, many fear that in a post truthiness world there will be no one left to hold the...

by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 15, 2016

Cheerful, Mindful and Optimistic

Believe it or not, Long Island New York is one of the nation's largest media market, home to the 4th largest concentration of union households. Only New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have more...