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Birchy82's Tech Blurb

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Mar 08, 2013

Browse and listen uninterrupted. Here at UCOMM Radio we realize that you currently can not listen to the show post broadcast and continue to browse Let's be honest; who sits on one page for an hour?  Listeners click play and listen and everything is great...then you accidentally click on a different page and the show stops. Ugh!!  So in order to remedy this particular situation.  We are going to rework the "Click Here To Play" buttons throughout the entire website.  So in the future, when you click the play buttons, a new window opens and you can go about your browsing.  Additionally we have noticed many listeners are visiting using their mobile devices so you will be able to listen and browse as well on your smartphones and tablets. So in the meantime - open up 2 browsers to listen and browse until we get our act together

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