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Chance the Rapper Supports Chicago Teachers Strike

Chance used his SNL monologue to let his hometown teachers now that he has their back

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Oct 28, 2019

Teachers in Chicago have been on strike for 10 days and negotiations are still stalled. While the teachers continue to walk the picket line, they got a big shout out of support from one of their former students, Chance the Rapper.

On Saturday night, Chance used his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live (SNL) to give a shoutout to the striking teachers. Wearing a red CTU sweatshirt, Chance the Rapper brought up the strike and told the teachers “I fully support you” before joking that he wished there had been a teacher strike when he was in school.

SNL cast members also used the end credits to give their support to the teachers. During the end credits, cast members Chris Redd, Alex Moffat, and Cecily Strong all came out in CTU sweatshirts. Strong and Moffat are both from the Chicago area.

Chance the Rapper isn’t the only one sending his support to the teachers. Chicago native Phil Brooks, better known by his wrestling name C.M. Punk, went on WGN Morning News to support the teachers. “I’m with the teachers. They’re not terrorists, they’re just teachers. Let’s give them a little bit more money.”

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