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Don Dunn: "It Was a Mistake Not Funding UCOMM Radio"

Don Dunn, President of CWA Local 1108, explains why all working people should give some money to support UCOMM Radio

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by Don Dunn on
Dec 21, 2017

Don Dunn, President of Communications Workers of America (CWA) 1108 knows what it means to fight. His local joined 40,000 other CWA members in a 7-week strike against Verizon. In the lead up to the strike, Don used his regular position as a co-host of UCOMM Radio to get the word out about the corporate greed at Verizon. Now, Don is taking part in another fight, the fight to get UCOMM Radio back on the air. Watch the video below to see why Don thinks you should help bring back UCOMM Radio.


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