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Is Facebook Good for the World?

We have sung its praises before but has their bad outweighed their good?

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Apr 04, 2018

In our sadly unpopular Cambridge Analytica series, we mentioned in part 3 that I was personally asked to participate in a survey that simply asked is “Facebook good for the world?”

Facebook’s sloppy ad serving allowed for foreign monies from Russia to push fake news in Middle America. Mark Zuckerberg their CEO will be testifying before Congress on April 11th and I bet all the clouds in heaven that we will get, to their detriment little to no insight on just how powerful this organization is and how weak and unfair their system of advertising accountability is. Facebook has in its own right made union communications easier. Locals and internationals that can’t afford organizations like the UCOMM Media Group can easily open up a private or public page to get the word out on actions, meetings, politics, etc. Facebook was also one of the driving forces inspiring the 2009 Arab Spring. When used for good Facebook can shed a light on the darkest corners of the globe, but it only took the Russians and the Republicans less than one year to use it to manipulate uneducated voters and turn them into a racist mob that has empowered a reality TV mad man to bring global shame to a once noble White House.

Below is some text from the AP about this survey that wasn’t served to everybody. My question to you, our readers, and our friends at Facebook that we do advertising with, is why was I served with this survey? You have come to expect UCOMM Blog to deliver you news about unions and their causes, the laws that we work to pass, the shops that we organize and the social issues that affect our workplaces. We can not hide from the very real fact that Facebook, Twitter, Google and the World Wide Wow, can both negatively and positively affect the way UCOMM gets you this news.

We have said it before and we will say it again; like the oil and railroad industries at the turn of the century- the internet needs to be regulated and we hope that’s what comes out of the Congressional hearings on April 11th. This is not exactly a hard-working Congress or one that knows how to do the right thing but let's just hope that our good friends, the true journalists out there, will report back to us the truth. It is our alliance with journalists that strengthens our fragile democracy. Union organizers seek justice and equality while true journalists seek justice and the truth. Let’s pray that Mark tells the truth so that the rest of us can save our democracy.

Is Facebook Good for the World?

Facebook is asking users whether they think it's "good for the world" in a poll sent to an unspecified number of people.

The poll appears under the heading, "We'd like to do better," when users log in. Possible responses range from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree."

The company has been grappling with a privacy scandal and other troubles . But Facebook says this survey began well before that; versions date back to 2012. The company regularly polls users on other aspects of its service, too.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said he wants to ensure that Facebook is a force for good. Whether it is hasn't been clear amid revelations of bad actors using Facebook to influence elections, spread hatred and pilfer user information.

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