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Phil Cohen

Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill

Phil Cohen's new book documents a fight to stop an illegal union-busting campaign

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Sep 30, 2020

Phil Cohen is a longtime organizer for Workers United/SEIU. He has been a member of the union since 1974 and an organizer since 1980. He was a steward at a bus garage and a lead organizer for the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union. For 23 years, he worked as an organizer in the south before retiring.

Following his retirement, Phil wrote a book about his work and spent the next few years writing, publishing, and touring to promote the book, but in 2017 that began to wind down. That was when he was called by Workers United/SEIU to come out of retirement and investigate and expose an illegal union-busting plot by Mohawk Industries at its North Carolina carpet mill.

In Cohen’s new book, Fighting Union Busters in a Carolina Carpet Mill, he gives a hard-hitting account of the fight to stop a Fortune 500 company from busting their 70+-year-old union. In the book, Cohen describes going up against high powered union-busting attorney’s and dealing with the anti-worker National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The union’s only hope rested on presenting evidence so formidable that the facts would defeat the political bias of the NLRB.

Check out this excellent read here and wherever books are sold.


Pictured above are some of the members who joined Cohen in fighting the decertification effort.

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