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Industry Insights: Online Polls

Online polls allow leaders to engage the membership and allows the rank and file to voice their opinions

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by Kate Hogan on
Oct 30, 2017

An online poll is a survey which participants take over the internet. When you fill out a questionnaire on a website, you are participating in an online poll. They allow anyone, anywhere, to participate in the survey, and give their opinion on a topic. Unions can use them to communicate with their members without having to gather everyone at a meeting.

Online polls can be used for anything from finding out what prize your local should have at its annual picnic to what kind of benefits your members truly need. The Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees (Suffolk AME) recently used an online poll to determine what kind of health benefits its members were most in need of. Some unions are even using online polls to reduce the amount of time spent in meetings.

Polls are a way to help engage members and let their voice be heard. It’s a great way to engage with the members who have an opinion but won’t stand up at the meeting to express them. Any member with access to the internet is able to participate. With the possibility of Janus becoming a reality, now is the time to start utilizing polls. By creating a new way for members to interact with the local, it does so much more than just sending them an email. In this way, people get to have their opinion be heard without even leaving their homes.

There are a few websites that will help unions build online polls. Zoho Survey and Survey Monkey are popular sites that are often used. But these surveys are not very quick and have limited options for customization. If your local union needs a poll conducted quickly, UCOMM can help. We can customize your questions to whatever you need them to be in a timely fashion. Within a few hours, your online poll will be up and running on your mobile-friendly website and results can be tracked in real time.

With attacks on unions happening at all levels of government and the Supreme Court set to hear Janus, the new iteration of Friedrichs now is the time to communicate with your members. No longer are communications just sending out a quarterly newsletter. At union communications firms like UCOMM Media Group, we take a full approach to your local union’s communications needs. We encourage clients to communicate the great work that they are doing regularly through professional looking emails, blast text messaging, mobile-friendly websites, and catchy social media posts. The goal is to constantly communicate the local’s message, whether they are checking their Gmail, reading their texts, or sharing cat memes on Facebook. To figure out how to communicate better, faster and stronger, contact UCOMM Media Group today. To stay up-to-date with UCOMM,  follow UCOMMBlog on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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