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Industry Insights: Who Should Make Your Flyer?

When making a flyer for your local, when is it best to keep it in house and when should you contact a professional

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by Kate Hogan on
Oct 18, 2017

When it comes to promoting special events like fundraisers, clambakes, and picnics, one of the best ways to get the message out to your membership is with a flyer. Flyers can be printed, sent through the mail, hung up on boards, or posted on social media. Flyers provide a great platform to put all of your information in one place. They can be made in-house by a member or sent out to a company to be professionally made. How do you know when is the best time to keep the flyer in-house and when to hire a professional? UCOMM is here to help. 

Flyers are often used to promote special events that your local union might be hosting. This could include anything from picnics to fundraisers to dinner parties. These types of flyers will include the date, time, and location of the event and only go to the membership. Flyers like this can be made by a member or staff. That way, you are showcasing your hardworking members and the great work that they do! This would increase member involvement and make them feel like they are really a part of what the union is doing. 

Other times, it is best to let a professional handle making the flyer. If the flyer is meant to reach far beyond the membership, it’s time to call on a professional. These could be events like large rallies, support for strike efforts, or a giant fundraiser. Professionals will know exactly what colors will catch the eye of the audience, and what pictures to use to entice them best. A professional would be able to make their own graphics specific to the event as well. This will help bring attention to the event at the level which it deserves. 

The flyer above was created by UCOMM Media Group for a rally hosted by the Bay Shore Classroom Teachers Association and Long Island Teachers.

With attacks on unions happening at all levels of government and the Supreme Court set to hear Janus, the new iteration of Friedrichs now is the time to communicate with your members. No longer are communications just sending out a quarterly newsletter. At union communications firms like UCOMM Media Group, we take a full approach to your local union’s communications needs. We encourage clients to communicate the great work that they are doing regularly through professional looking emails, blast text messaging, mobile-friendly websites, and catchy social media posts. The goal is to constantly communicate the local’s message, whether they are checking their Gmail, reading their texts, or sharing cat memes on Facebook. To figure out how to communicate better, faster and stronger, contact UCOMM Media Group today. To stay up-to-date with UCOMM,  follow UCOMMBlog on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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