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"Keep fighting the good fight, hit the GoFundMe page, let's keep this going..."

Support us today so we can continue construction and bring in the recording equipment

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Jan 29, 2018

Find out why IBEW Local 3's Chris Erikson Jr, is supporting UCOMM Radio and then Support us on GoFundMe today!

Over the last few months, I have asked the listeners of UCOMM Radio to come together and help bring back the show. Thanks to your support, we met our goal and raised $3,000 on Kickstarter. With these funds, I am proud to announce that we have begun construction on a brand new studio that will serve as the home of our UCOMM Radio podcast. Check out what it looked like before we started construction.

Over the past three weekends, we have re-wired the studio, ordered materials and next weekend we are putting up soundproofing and fireproof drywall and new ceiling board. In addition to labor costs, here's what your support on Kickstarter has allowed us to purchase: 
                                                                        Lumber- $300
                                                                  Soundproofing- $300
                                                                        Drywall- $400
                                                                      Electrical- $600
With the studio currently under construction, we still need your help to get some of the equipment that's needed to make UCOMM Radio sound great. Equipment like new microphones, soundboards, and cameras so that we can live stream the show all cost money but are vital to creating the show. We need your support to make this the best show it can be. Over the next few weeks, we need to raise at least $1,000 on GoFundMe. Can we count on you to help us by giving on GoFundMe? From that first week, here is some of the progress we have made so far:

Help us keep the progress going and help us bring back UCOMM Radio by donating on GoFundMe today!

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