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Kickstarter: Bring UCOMM Radio Back!

By bringing the show back, now more than ever we need to speak up and target our message

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Nov 16, 2017

Either we're bored, crazy, or gluttons for continuous punishment - but the era of just blogging and radio silence is over. We have begun the process of raising funds to build a state of the art audio and visual recording studio at our offices in Bay Shore, New York. We will not only create better quality marketing and advocacy products for our direct client base, but in early 2018 we plan on launching a rebranded radio show that will be longer, louder and uncensored by the deceitful corporate radio suits who stole money from our union sponsors and made life miserable for us. We don't miss them at all, but our listeners and blog followers have spoken.

We created a Kickstarter page with a video for those of you looking to give small dollar amounts. Organizations who loved us, and miss us, can contact us through to get hooked up with large dollar donation information that will get you exclusive access to all the action.
Currently, in the United States, 100 Million cars are Satellite radio enabled and over 100 car brands are wifi enabled. According to, by 2020 75% of cars will have wifi. Although we still love traditional radio and would not be against national syndication, the internet is the way to go. Cost of production is low and all you really need is quality equipment, interesting topics, and the talent to deliver the message. UCOMM Radio's got all that and the funds we raise will help us get the job done.
Now more than ever is the time to strike. The midterm elections are here. Trump currently has an average of 39% approval rating and 55% disapproval rating. He's awful and just looking at him makes us sick. The DCCC recently expanded their list of red to blue races to 91 total races across the country, so we have our work cut out for us to assist is communicating a working family value set, targeted digitally in areas where that message needs to be heard. Included in that targeting, for example, is Wisconsin's Union Ironworker Randy 'The Ironstache' Bryce.
Many of these races are in states with a high union density including New York with 7 Races, New Jersey with 4 Races, California with 8 Races, Pennsylvania with 5 Races, and Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington state with 3 Races. These regions will get some love from UCOMM, and we need your help to deliver that love.
Of these above-mentioned states, only Michigan is a Right to Work state. These states have union membership levels above the national average and that is our base. Our newly redesigned and rebranded show will dive into other topics too for entertainment value. More sports, more entertainment, some music God-willing and current event topics that listeners crave hearing - produced with that relatable UCOMM Radio angle that kept us on the air for over 4 years.
According to the Edison Report in 2016, 112 million people listened to podcasts - radio shows that exclusively broadcast on the internet. That is an increase of 11% from the previous year. 67 Million people are active monthly listeners which was an increase of 14%. 42 Million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. Older Americans, like Jimmy Hyland, are listening to podcasts more and more as well. For the first time, 2017 has seen more 24-54 year old's listening to podcasts than any other age group. This was the first time that 24-54 year old's represented a larger share of listeners then 12-23 year old's.
With 52% of podcasts being listened to at home and 18% in the car, 85% of podcast listeners listen to completion. This has inspired us to get our shit together. We plan on recording the show and broadcasting it live, with live call-in's, guest interviews, pre-recorded event footage and anything to help support the cause. This will keep post production costs down.

So please do what you can and donate on our Kickstarter page today. Like our video states, what working people have to say makes a difference, and UCOMM Radio is an avenue to help deliver that important message in a time when the nation needs to hear it the most.


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