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Listen: LaGrange on America's Workforce Radio "He's a Fighter"

This entertaining back and forth highlighted bringing back UCOMM Radio, the Trump Con, Spectrum Strike and other stuff

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by Kate Hogan on
Jan 03, 2018

While UCOMM Blog may have been closed for Christmas, Kris LaGrange spent December 26th talking to one of our favorite labor radio hosts, Ed “Flash” Ferenc, on America’s Workforce Radio based in Cleveland, Ohio.

On the show Kris discussed the 9-month long Spectrum Strike and how the Building Trades have adopted striking Spectrum families. LaGrange also talked up the return of UCOMM Radio. This lively 15-minute interview looked into the long and short-term strategy of raising funds to bring the show back. LaGrange gave some insight on how the show will be targeted in certain regions where the union message is needed most. You can visit America's Workforce Radio website to listen to the entire show where Tom Buffenbarger of Independent Labor Voice was also interviewed. Tom talked about the GOP Tax Cut and much-needed changes that need to be made in Congress. Below is the edited UCOMM interview where LaGrange asked the audience to be supportive of our Kickstarter and Patreon campaigns. America's Workforce Radio airs Monday through Friday from 4 to 5 pm on WERE 1490 AM. UCOMM did a story on America's Workforce Radio back on April 26. Thanks Flash for your support.

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