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Meet radio show: America's Work Force

In Cleveland, Host Ed “Flash” Ferenc promotes union issues daily in a strong AM radio market

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Apr 26, 2017

Right now utility union leaders from across the nation are embarking on Cleveland, Ohio for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Utility Conference to share best practices, conduct leadership training and craft agendas. I’m writing this piece to let our IBEW friends know of a labor radio show that they can tune into while in town. By the way, the Indians are in town playing the Astro’s and the Mariners.

It’s called America’s Work Force with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc and it airs daily from 4 to 5 pm on WERE 1490 AM. Past shows are posted on their website and this is how they describe themselves: Since 1993, America’s Work Force supply’s listeners with useful, relevant input into their daily lives through fact-finding features, in-depth interviews, informative news segments and practical consumer reports. At the heart of America’s Work Force is its provocative guest list – through the support and participation of the labor community, dozens of regional, national and international labor leaders and advocates have been guests on the show, along with politicians, civic leaders, industry professionals, experts and more.

I got Ed on the phone after he contacted us. I will be a guest on the Tuesday, May 16th show to talk up how UCOMM got censored by Google. He’s popular, commonly referred to as Flash. He has a voice that can make a tiger purr, and you can tell right away he knows his tradecraft. His show is produced by BMA Media Group, an organization that performs similar work that we do here at UCOMM. Flash’s background is that he was on the air in the morning for 21 years with WMMS, which was the regions #1 morning show 12 years in a row. As radio station often do, they change ownership and formats, and this opened up opportunities for Flash to work in talk radio and eventually this lead to him hosting America’s Work Force. As a 43 year member of SAG-AFTRA, Flash told me the show is a labor of love, it’s popular and most of the show’s successes come from re-broadcasting and shares on social networks. UCOMM experiences similar successes the same exact way. Thanks Zuckerberg.

America’s Work Force pays the bills from sponsorships from the Laborers, Steelworkers, Machinist, Painters, Teamsters and the Communications Workers of America. Labor leaders are frequent guests. For example Terry O’Sullivan, International President of the Laborers Union was recently on the show to talk about the Keystone Pipeline. Leo Gerard of Steelworkers was on to discuss the dumping of illegal steel and the CWA addressed outsourcing at T-Mobile.

So IBEW, while in town take in the sites, build connections with your fellow unionist but make sure you take time to tune into America’s Work Force with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc from 4 to 5 pm on WERE 1490 AM. You’ll be glad you did. 

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