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Thomas Mundy

Meet the Trump Impersonator from Laborers Union

A union laborer is being highlighted around the world for his uncanny impressions of Trump

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Apr 24, 2019

The day that Trump descended down the Golden Staircase to declare that he was running for President changed Laborers Local 66 member Thomas Mundy’s life. His uncanny resemblance and voice led many to compare him to the real estate titan. Now three years later, the self-professed #1 Donald Trump impersonator is gaining national attention.

Mundy, who has worked as a union laborer and served in the Merchant Marines, has always had a larger than life personality. Steve Flanagan, Business Manager of Local 66, referred to him as a goof and a local legend in his home community of Long Beach. His first Trump impression came just days after the Donald announced his run. With a camera in hand, Mundy went to the top of his apartment building, overlooking a construction site that has been at the heart of protest by his union, and declared that if Long Beach didn’t clean up the project he would come in with his sons Eric and Don Jr. and build it.

The video was a hit and kicked off a three-year whirlwind. Mundy says that he is a big hit at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and golf outings. He has done a number of appearances at outings for Angela’s House a local nonprofit on Long Island that helps parents care for sick and frail children. He has also used the videos to highlight the work that Local 66 does and the importance of building union.

Recently, Mundy has gotten coverage from Fox News, the NY Post, and Australia’s Today Show just to name a few. On Wednesday, April 24th, Mundy will be featured on Inside Edition and he will be appearing on a morning show in Great Britain in the coming days.

This isn’t the first time that Local 66 has had a bout with fame. In June of 2016, Joe Smith Jr, a 66 member from Mastic Beach, NY won the World Boxing Council international light heavyweight champion by knocking out Andrzej Fonfara in the first round on national television. Smith Jr. followed that fight up by retiring boxing legend Bernard Hopkins by literally knocking him out of the ring. Flanagan wasn’t sure why Local 66 seems to have a penchant for creating stars, but he did say “It is a weird cast of characters who end up with Laborers 66. Some do other things and then end up back here, needing to make money, but still having a passion to do other work.”

On his Facebook page, Mundy says that he has been voted #1 World's Greatest Donald Trump Personality, but we are still waiting on a tweet from Trump on whether he prefers Mundy’s impression over Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin’s.

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