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NewsGuild: We're Not the Enemy

As Trump dangerously demonizes journalists like Hitler, union journalists speak up

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Aug 16, 2018

I have said time and again that union organizers and true journalists have much in common. As union organizers seek justice and equality, real journalists seek equality and justice in the truth. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but we both are called to a much higher calling. This calling is higher than government and sometimes even higher than religion itself. So when any institution or persons of power look to demonize journalists, they are also demonizing unionists. There was a famous poem put out during Nazi Germany, commonly known as the “First They Came” poem. In it they mention who the Nazis came for and the lack of people standing up to protect these groups who were being attacked. Mentioned in the poem were the Jews of course, as well as journalists and unionists.


Defenders of Trump within the union movement have little respect from all of us at UCOMM because we are labor’s journalists. If it was up to Trump none of you would be reading this because we would probably be dead. God bless you all in the NewsGuild.UCOMM will always have your back. Below is a statement from the NewsGuild as well as an editorial that ran in over 350 publications today calling out Trump for attacking a free and fair media. -Kris LaGrange


The Boston Globe has launched an effort calling on news organizations to speak out about President Donald Trump's sustained assault on the free press. More than 350 news organizations have joined their call.

"Journalists are on the front lines in a war on freedom of the press because President Trump has taken every opportunity possible to impugn our craft, our mission, our publications – us. But he has gone beyond simply calling us names and discrediting us. This union of journalists stands in solidarity with all who call out President Trump for his deplorable attempts to weaken a free press and the 1st amendment," the NewsGuild-CWA said in a statement.

Boston Globe Editorial:

A central pillar of President Trump’s politics is a sustained assault on the free press. Journalists are not classified as fellow Americans, but rather “The enemy of the people.” This relentless assault on the free press has dangerous consequences. We asked editorial boards from around the country – liberal and conservative, large and small – to join us today to address this fundamental threat in their own words.

Replacing a free media with a state-run media has always been a first order of business for any corrupt regime taking over a country. Today in the United States we have a president who has created a mantra that members of the media who do not blatantly support the policies of the current U.S. administration are the “enemy of the people.” This is one of the many lies that have been thrown out by this president much like an old-time charlatan threw out “magic” dust or water on a hopeful crowd.

“The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom,” wrote John Adams.For more than two centuries, this foundational American principle has protected journalists at home and served as a model for free nations abroad. Today it is under serious threat. And it sends an alarming signal to despots, from Ankara to Moscow, Beijing to Baghdad, that journalists can be treated as a domestic enemy

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