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Podcast: Why Union Density is Down

Plus listeners weigh in on impeachment and Barstool gets a slap on the wrist for union-busting

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Jan 24, 2020

We have the results from our poll asking which Senator will lose their job over the impeachment hearings. Our listeners have some great ideas. A Mexican union threatens a strike at Home Depot, they said they were inspired by the labor protections that the AFL-CIO won in the USMCA.

Newsday James Madore comes on to talk about union density being lower in New York, is this something to worry about? Barstool Sports gets a slap on the wrist for union-busting, Trump bans union stickers on the job, Indiana wants to ban employers from forcing their employees to be microchipped, and the New York Mets have a new manager, Luis Rojas. Good hire by the team? Let us know!

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