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The Racists on the Radio, in the White House, and at the Border

Plus employers can file decerts, organizing wins, and the NLRB is losing their fight to deflate the rat

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Jul 26, 2019

We are back after a short summer vacation in which our producer James got married and LaGrange headed to Jamaica. On the show, we discuss the racists over at WOR 710, find out what they had to say about AOC and about the kids who are being kept in cages at the border. In our Trump talk, his NLRB wants to allow employers to file for decertification elections and they want to deflate the rats you see at union protests. We dive into what's going on and who's behind it. Plus a Trump mouthpiece's husband thinks Trump's a racist, unions are defending immigrants from ICE, we look at the new Labor Secretary after Alexander Acosta had to resign in shame over a sweetheart deal with a child predator Jeffrey Epstein, and we celebrate some new unions members.

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